Not my greatest test ride...


Just call me Chris...
Took the faithful old commuter to the LBS for some major works due to a, ahem, slight amount of neglect.
Long story short, it would have cost a fair bit to sort it out so discussions naturally turned to N+1, a cyclocross bike and the offer of a quick test ride.

The recommended steed was wheeled out and I duly set off for a (very enjoyable) run.
On returning to the shop it seemed as good a time as any to assess its kerb hopping abilities.
So, forgetting I wasn't clipless, I approached the kerb, loaded the front end and gave an almight spring upwards and forwards to gracefully sail up and onto the path.
Only I didn't.
The bike stayed put and I very ungracefully flew clean over the bars and landed in a crumpled heap outside the shop.
Fortunately, probably due to the rain, there was no-one around so I sauntered in, slapped my cash down trying to ignore my bloodied hands, grabbed the bikes and scarpered.

Ho hum!
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Brought a smile to my face, sorry.

BITD quite a few people fell off during test rides, mainly teenagers who were buying the biggest bike they would fit so they "grow into it". Not sure that happens nowadays .... We had adults try out their kids bikes as well. Burly docker on a 7yr olds bike is funny.

Hope you weren't too hurt, did you damage the bike?



Just call me Chris...
Thanks for the concern all, I can happily report that the bike suffered virtually no damage after its brief introduction to concrete (shifter cover knocked back slightly)

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Ewe should stay, @deptfordmarmoset . Not that baaaad.


Just call me Chris...
My regular MTB riding buddies can't understand how I can't lift the rear wheel on flats.
Despite being demonstrated to me umpteen times, I still maintain it's impossible. As today's experience demonstrates....
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