Not sure what's best for daughter getting cycling :(

Discussion in 'Family and Recreational Cycling' started by Black Sheep, 11 Nov 2017.

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    It seemed to take a while for the kid to get the hang of cycling - longer than her peers at least. She has had a scooter since she was 4 and was dare-devil speed on that. Only had to take her to casualty once though so that's fine (it was only last summer too - 4 years of riding a scooter, not fallen off once since she got the hang of it 3 yrs 10 months ago, so responsible parent here though it was fine that he'd forgotten the helmet. Kid gets one wheel on the grass edge of the path and arcs through the air and lands on her head as repsonsible parent tries to run to catch up, carrying a football, a chold's coat, a school book bag, a water bottle and a lunch bag - she was fine fortunatelty. Just took 2 hours of sitting in A&E to establish. Never saw a nurse.)

    Cycling though was not something she took too - she wanted to understand how to do it before she would try it. "There are several theories as to how people balance on bicycles but ultimately no-one is quite sure how" didn't wash. Then she took to getting moving and in the excitement, stopping pedalling. That was frustrating for everyone. I used to run behind, holding on to the saddle saying "keep pedalling, keep pedalling, keep pedalling, keep pedalling,keep pedalling,keep pedalling,keep pedalling" but as soon as I let got and she got out of earshot she would stop pedalling.

    Lots of people said to get a balance bike, but she was too big by then really - she's always been tall for her age. We did swap her bike for a lighter one when she was seriously trying - the MX series from Ridgeback are quite light aluminium frames and are recommended as a 75% as good but 10% the cost (secondhand) of an Isla bike. I paid £30 for hers and it was spotless.

    In the end I got one of thos big handle things that fit on the bike because my back was knackered from holding her up, and she got there in the end. Don't force it, don't pressure her and make being able to ride a bike seem exciting - little things are a massive adventure for kids. Bizarely when we had the big handle thing she used to like to practice on the abandonded bit of A625 near Mam Tor, which is quite steep. Going downhill holding a handle with a 6 year old pedalling a bike is fun ... The day she got it we just took the bike and some sandwiches to the big park near the university (because it's flat and quiet-ish when Uni is out for summer) and had fun, The thing I remember her liking was me saying that everyone falls of a bike when they are learning how to ride one - and that on average people fall off 200 times (warning - not a real fact) so then when she fell off she'd countdown - "Only 197 more fallings off now!" and so on.
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