Novice rider anxious of riding at night



I'd like to use my bike more for getting about instead of my car, but find I'm often too anxious to use it in the evening, especially with the dark nights. I'm not worried so much about traffic incidents (I have more lights that I need and reflective clothing) but more about muggings/thefts/attacks etc - I feel a lot more vulnerable on the bike than in a locked car! I ride a Brompton because I can take it with me wherever I go, but do worry that it makes me a bit of a prime target....

Just wondering how many people here cycle at night (after 9pm), and how they feel when they do?

(I live in south Manchester)


I think it's something a lot of people worry about, but the fear of it is disproportionate to the likelihood of anything happening. That said, if you feel uncomfortable, then there's nothing wrong with taking the car.


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I ride at all times of day and night, generally on the commuter, sometimes on the Brompton. As mentioned by @Supersuperleeds I stick to roads and generally those that are reasonably well lit. I'd avoid public footpaths that are tucked away, likewise cutting across parks etc etc. I've not yet felt uncomfortable riding at night, and bear in mind you are travelling relatively quickly compared to those on foot, so unless they block your path it's not so easy to catch you..


Thanks for the responses guys. Yes it's for destinations supersuperleeds (pub/cinema/friends house etc), typically within a 30 minute ride of my place. I do stick to roads, guess I'm more worried about moped gang type attacks than pedestrians. You see a lot of reports on the news about such things, but si_c is right that that kind of thing is very unlikely. Cosmicbike, I guess its just a matter of the more I do it, the less it'll bother me, just those first few rides that are the hardest!


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Ride on the road, don't ride too close to pavement if you see a gang, ride assertively. Moped gang attacks on bikes will be extremely rare as they are usually after a quick snatch. Such as a handbag or laptop case. I ride all times of day and night and being on the bike get ignored. Even the gangs you do see will pretty much ignore you unless you ride straight at them etc. Main roads are often emptier at night so can make for safe and quick progress compared to a quiet back street.


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The only time that I worried about being mugged for my bike was during the riots in London about seven years ago. Apart from that I have never given it a moment's thought.

Manchester isn't the Bronx and your bike is just a possession to be used.


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Don't overthink it.

Just use common sense with your routes and don't worry about it.


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The risk is v low. Maybe carry a ‘rape’ alarm if concerned. As said stick to busy well lit areas. Obviously have good lights and reflective (no need for high vis) clothing

I’m a fairly nervous nighttime rider but because of drivers and invisible potholes but not muggers


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Give it a go.I think your confidence will grow with every successfull ride.Put your stuff in panniers rather than a rucksac or shoulder bag which could look like easy pickings to a scrote.
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