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Cycling campaign chief has bike robbed - while meeting council about bike thefts
"A member of the Dublin Cycling Campaign who was surveying bike thefts had his own bike stolen while meeting with Dublin City Council about the issue.
David Timoney conducted a survey on thefts of bikes in Dublin for the group.

Speaking about the results on today's 'Morning Ireland' programme on RTE Radio One, he urged cyclists to invest in good locks.

"The single biggest change that can be made is that people use better locks.

"We found that 10pc of people didn't lock their bikes at all and a further 45pc used cable locks. Now I know from my own painful experience, cable locks aren't adequate in Dublin.

"I mean this time last year I had a €800 mountain bike taken in Temple Bar. I was using a cable lock. I was actually in a meeting with somebody from the [Dublin] City Council on the subject of bike theft at time."

Can't be too careful out there!


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I can't believe that someone who was getting themselves involved in the issue of bike thefts thought that a cable lock was worth using!:eek:

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i very rarely lock my bike, i find the best lock that i always use is my self. i have taken my bike into toilets, cafes and banks and so far no one has said a thing; yes i have had one or two funny looks but in no one so far has challenged me over it
i will occasionally leave it cable locked to someone elses bike if i am out riding with them and we stop at a cafe etc but even then there is pretty much always someone watching both bikes or they are at least with in sight
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My cheapo beater has a cable lock for convenience and its better than nothing (tho not by much) deterrent value. My other bikes dont get left or I'm on a folder and it comes with me
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