Now, that's cheered me up!!!!

Look what just came through the letter box!!! :smile: The email announcing its arrival had somehow ended up in my spam folder, and based on when I ordered it, I wasn't expecting it till next week...

Yes, all you hardcore fixed/ss people are going to frown upon it, and I know it's only a cheapo, but for the easy maintenance, no hassle cheap commuter/runaround that I want it for it should be spot-on (and C+ seem to agree with their 8/10). Apart from the fact that it actually looks much nicer in real life than it did on the website...was hoping to avoid chav appeal! :rain:

It pretty much came fully built, just had to pop on the handlebars and pedals and take off enourmous amounts of padding. Got it set to SS for now, but will definitely give fixed a go at some point. No more scrubbing of cogs after riding to work on the mtb - just hope I get up that draggy hill without gears.

Now just need to take the him for a test ride, come up with a name and pimp him up a bit - do purple bargrips sound like a good plan???

I think I'm going to like the new boy!!!! :laugh::cry:


Whoo! Fancy dancy.

Take those pedal reflectors off.


Cycling in the sun
Nice colour ... hope you have now taken off that luggage tag thing. I think purple should go really nicely with that steely grey. What are your ideas for a name?


Donut Devil
Nope, forgot about the luggage tag in my excitement :laugh:.

Well, Simon and Shane are already in residence, so maybe I should stick with the "S" theme - and he's definitely a boy. Would have liked pink bits for grips, etc, but it's going to clash horribly with the red Revolution logo - I think I can just about get away with purple!


Donut Devil
Slow down!!! Not even taken it for a test ride yet, let alone tried it fixed. Think I'm going to call him Adam :blush: Shame his simple good looks will have to be ruined with mudguards, etc... :-(
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