Numb toes.

Apologies if I have put this on the wrong section, Admin, please move to the correct one if I have.

Anyway, numb toes. Not from the cold, but from cycling. I have a pair of old Shimano RO76 shoes with R540 SPD-SL pedals, and after about 30mins my toes begin to go numb on both feet from the ball forward. If I stop and take my foot out of the clip the feeling comes back, start pedalling again and it comes back, this is quite an issue.
I have tried moving the cleats forwards backwards sides, every which way, I've tried the shoes loose and tight, I've even got a Specialized Insole, but nothing seems to do the trick.

I've booked in at BikeDynamics to get myself and my new bike fitted together properly and I'm hoping with the cleat fittings Mike will be able to sort me out.

The Shoes seem to be the correct size and I can vaguely remember having the same problems with my Dads Peugeot many years ago when using the toe clips.

Has anybody else suffered the same? any ideas that I should try?

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I just logged on to ask pretty much the same thing. With me it starts about 1hr 20 minutes into a ride and I'm on normal SPD's, but otherwise exactly the same.

Seat height doesn't seem to make any difference, and I tried doing a circuit in lower gears, but neither seem to make any difference.

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New shoes with a rigid sole and a good, not too tight, fit might be the way forward.
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No shoes not too tight, I think the problem or part of it is that I have narrow feet and a high arch, so high that I nearly didn't get in the RAF many moons ago. Hopefully with the bike fit Mike will have some ideas/solutions. I'd happily buy new shoes now if I thought it would make a difference. Thank you for the replies and suggestions, keep them coming.



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Happening to me as well. Ever since i started road cycling two years ago. Had two pairs shoes, now using those specialized insoles. Happens after about 15 miles. Havetried to cconcentrate on pedal stroke,so more of a 360 effort in terms of pedal pressure, but still get it. Cleats waaay back as well! I think some of us have feet that will do this regardless.


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try moving your cleats back a little bit .

Probably more than you think I had the same prob and looked for advice ont t tinternet , mm movements...:shy: Didn't feckin work, basically when you walk you put you're foot forward first you put toe's down then as you move forward and then transfer to the ball , but when your sitting on your bike you are not articulating your foot you are in one position, so position your cleat in the position on your shoe where you put the most pressure on your foot when pushing forward when you walk,,,try it if it doesn't work for you try something else.... we are not al lthe same, that would be F**cking boring....:cheers:
Its quite possible you are suffering from varus feet, basically your feet or foot slightly tilt outwards causing you to push your to toes into the side of your shoe/s... you should sit on a table and dangle and relax your feet and look at how your feet are angled, ie are they titled towards the ouside / inside as oppose to being flat, they try using some shims to make your shoe/s tilt the same angle as your foot. basically search for varus feet and you will see what i mean.
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