"Obscure" Coast to Coast.

I've got a few days loose before I go back to France, so I thought I would ride from the Cumbrian coast to the Yorks. coast, starting and finishing at the most desolate isolated places that I can find with roads to them. I've already decided on the starting point, Annaside, between Millom and Bootle, now I need a terminus on the east coast, somewhere between Scarborough and Bridlington, any suggestions?


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Hover Fly said:
starting and finishing at the most desolate isolated places that I can find with roads to them.
You're just asking for some really sarcastic suggestions, now aren't you?


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near Hornsea
If you want to go a little futher south, Fraisthorpe would be a nice finish point. A road leads down to the coast where there is just a farm, with small caravan park & a car park. It get's busy on nice sunny days, esp weekends, but depending what time you finish it could be a nice spot. It's probably one of the best beaches around here.


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You might consider Scarborough itself, if only because the inhabitants have a strange and inexplicable remoteness complex. They are convinced they are a long way from anywhere, as if they were on the end of a long peninsula and not at the junction of three trunk roads, with York an hour away by train. It may explain why Scarborough is the smallest place in Britain to have its own daily newspaper.

As for desolate, it depends on what the weather's like when you get there.


I think you should go to Selwick's Bay just north of Flamborough Head. That is just about the furthest east you can cross to, if you want to end between Scarborough and Brid.

My rules for a coast to coast say that you have to put your foot in the sea at each end and I think that by the time you have trotted down the cliff steps with your bike you will find it plenty remote enough. It is also within the Iron Age earthworks Danes Dyke, which will add some historical interest.
Finally decided on roughly this area:
I'm of in about an hour.
Thorough planning, me?
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