Odd tyre

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I've noticed on the last couple of rides on my fixed an odd bump.from the front tyre. I only notice it mow and then when on good smooth tarmac.
Thinking it would be a bulge somewhere l had a look this morning. Its the opposite of a bulge. One section is flattened, as if the bead is sitting lower in the rim.
Ive had these tyres on for a couple years without problem.
Im going to swap the tyre but its a mew one on me.

Im not sure if the pic will show it or not.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Has the tyre almost defaulted to sitting on that point for long periods? Just a thought.
I had a apparent bump on a brand new pair of handbuilt wheels from spa.
Luckily i didn't tinker with the spokes much as I barely know what I am doing in that area.
I put slightly narrower rim tape in and that sorted it.


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Talc every time; why on earth would you want to cover your tyres (and soak inside the rim) with slimy salty dishwash liquid?

Before fitting any tyre or tube I always give them a liberal dose of talc. Once the tyre is fitted it's easy to wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
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