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As per the recommendation, I'm here throwing down a little intro piece!

My partner and I aren't those to go halves with most things, and as such we're planning our first cycle tour to be three months around America this summer! While S used to cycle a lot when she lived in Holland, I've not really done a great deal - Preferring the motor driven two wheel variety! Regardless, in at the deep end we go, just as with my first motorbike tour - Having never done more than a few hundred miles between places I knew, I upped and went around the vast majority of western and central Europe on the spur of the moment!

We've got a route down, most of the kit, and we're just saving for the expense of being over there at the moment. Flights booked for the 24th May, or as I like to put it, 65days till I leave my job!!

We're planning on setting down in Houston (S's parents live there currently) and cycling across to San Antonio. Catching a coach for sections until we hit LA. From there scoot up the West coast, nip across to Yellow Stone, hitch over to Chicago, drift down the East coast, slide into Birmingham (see how it compares to ours in the midlands).. Ride a bit of the Mississippi into New Orleans, then cycle back into Houston. It's that easy... Right?!

I'm sure she'll revel in writing a slightly more indepth shot of the trip - But that's the jist of it. Essentially here to grab tips from others experiences, and read a lot of ride reports etc, posting any questions while we go!

I think I've rambled enough for now!

Karl and S.
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