off the bike for a few weeks.


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Well, that's me off the bike for a few weeks....

I'm currently lying in the hospital recovery room following knee surgery.

Hopefully I'll be given the all clear in a couple of weeks and can start trying to get some fitness back.

On the bright side - 2 weeks off work means the ps4 is going to get some serious hammering. :smile:


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Hope you mend quickly.

All the best :smile:

Pat "5mph"

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Speedy recovery!


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Get well soon, I had my knee scoped on the 5th. Make sure you do all your physio regulars to get ROM back ASAP. What did you have done?

I was back on the static bike after 8 days with the physio, aim to be outside by Easter. Always best to get knee ops done in the winter, all my 5 recent ortho ops have been between November and February :whistle:

And lucky you getting 2 weeks off work, despite being signed off mine was nagging me after 4 days grrrr
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