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Threads that do this drive me mad, I figure I can't be the only one because when it happens the number of participants shrinks to 3 or 4. Are peeps afraid of saying something? Can't be bothered anymore? Does this not fall under the Mods remit? Just asking because I popped into the latest helmet thread [my own fault, no excuse] and the latest posts were all about something else entirely, any contributions are then seen as er, off topic :wacko:.


Bionic Subsonic
That's the nature of fora is it not? You start in one place but the conversation grows from there in any direction it chooses. :smile:

The Helmet threads tend to end up on very familiar ground where the latest two or three papers of varying quality get tossed around the main entrenched positions. That sub-forum is sometimes more a war of attrition than a thread by thread discussion.


Flouncing Nobber
The bit wot makes me soil my underwear laughing is how some people go even more off topic in their attempts to appear affronted about a thread going off topic. Pot and kettle, and all that.
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