Oh Crikey.

John the Monkey

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I seem to have ordered a Giant SCR 2.0 from the LBS.

It costs more than all the other bikes I've owned in my life so far have cost put together.

That is all.


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Oh dear...oh dear oh dear :biggrin:

My motto, probably quite relevent in your case....'least said, soonest mended'

Specially when wives are concerned :smile:


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I wish i had not looked.It looks a superb bike Blue and Silver.And it does my size xl 6'-4" to 6'-6".Oh dear.Something else to lust after.


I know how you feel. My new Salsa Primero frame & fork arrived yesterday and is currently sat in the garage...still haven't plucked up the courage to tell Mrs C!

rich p

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I'm in the lucky position of my wife encouraging me to buy a bike as long as she can have one whenever she wants. Everybody's happy!
Men! Assert yourselves! Women who complain about the price of bicycles should be shown their place. Why, Mrs L wouldn't dare raise a peep if I went out and got a second mortgage to finance a new Cervelo or two.....

Twenty Inch

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Mrs. TI doesn't know that I have 5 bikes. I keep her in ignorance by regularly mixing up the wheels and frames so that she never gets an accurate count of what's in the cellar. I get new kit sent to work and come home with the cry "look what someone gave me!"

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I you sure she doesn't know, perhaps she's just keeping quiet until there is something she wants and then will give it to you with both barrels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I ordered a new Spesh Wiggy saddle from t'internet and when I opened it last night it had a ruddy great price sticker on it saying £70. My missus can understand why you'd buy a whole bike costing 4 figures, but the concept of it being made up of expensive-ish parts like this is incomprehensible.

Her: "You paid £70 for a saddle?!! Are you mad?"

Me: (thinking curse you bloody bike place for leaving that sticker on there!) "Err, no dear, it was reduced" (thinking don't now ask me how much)

Her: "How much was it then"

etc, etc

It's not fair. I don't give her the 3rd degree on why she chooses to spend £30 on some moisturiser!
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