Oh my God!!!

gary r

about 10 years ago i got a non cycling friend a bike(cheap at the time) as he wanted to start riding,It was a blue steel Gios with lashings of chrome,he never rode it much,Jump forward 10 years to this mornings phone call

"Hi Paul do you still have that bike i got you gathering dust in your garage,I want to build a fixed bike & if you dont use it can i have it back"

"no mate i never used it & when i moved i chucked it in the skip about a year ago"

My heart sunk! I hope some one managed to retrieve it!!!so if anyone found a Blue GIOS in a skip in Richmond can i have it back!


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Ho ho, you must be gutted!! That'll learn y'.


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Keith Oates said:
Once caught it their problem, twice caught it's your problem, so be careful in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wise words. Not a clue what they mean mind you, but I'm sure they are full of wisdom! ;)
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