Old C+ Ben from Warwick

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Ben from Warwick used to make me laugh in the same way that Abitrary does, having (seemingly) a similar sense of the absurd. Anyone know what happened to him after the great meltdown?
Slightly OT from this (already!) but I was thinking about another great poster from the C- days - Pete Biggs.

A really nice, helpful guy who would go to great trouble explaining 'bike stuff' for the benefit of muppets like me.


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Beacon Ruth and Steve100Milers were a good source of training methodology discussions.

Pete Biggs was quite rude to me on a number of occasions and I had to tell him off in the end.


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Ruth is still on Bike Radar.

Pete is on ACF - less patient by the day!


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I seem to remember Ol' Hackers getting extremely emotional with me at one point, possibly over a discussion about pedestrians, I thought he was going to have a heart attack and had to back off in the end! xx(;)


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alecstilleyedye said:
halfordswhizzkid worked like a trojan in getting the girls in lycra shorts to the page count it did. no sign of him on br anymore either.

I tried a few times to ressurect what was surely the best thread ever. But you lot are more interested in hot bevereges and bicycles. Shame on you all xx(.


My favourites were Safespeed Paul (RIP) and that fuzzy pussy (something like that anyways) from Switzerland. xx(

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H.W.K, always a good one to wind up!
The Great Gatsby, poor bloke used to ride his heart out, then be riddled with guilt because he had just had a skinny latte
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