Old Man Of Hoy

Did anyone watch this BBC documentary.Jessie Dutton a blind climber lead the ascent with his then partner now his wife.He became the first blind climber to reach the top of this 449 foot sea stack off the north coast of Scotland

It was first climbed by Chris Bonnington Rusty Balllie and Tom Pateyi in July 1967and filmed live by the BBC.

He relied on his second to advise him the sequence of holds and his own ability to feel the rock face to find secure holds and place protection.Contact between the two was by radio

Well worth a watch A remarkable climb
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I watched it and cringed when I saw him climbing the Old man of Hoy. Chapeau to the guy, he is very brave and fearless. Chapeau to his wife too, she must be living on edge when he climbs.


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The route he climbed is rated Hard Severe but the exposure is terrifying.
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