On the desk behind me...

On the desk behind me is a great big box of Rose's chocolates. Yesterday it was a tin of Cadbury's chocolate biscuits. How am I supposed to lose weight with all this temptation around. It'll be this way until Xmas, and I've got the willpower of a moth near a lightbulb :tongue::angry:

And that's the first time I've figured out smilies:biggrin::biggrin: I'll get an avatar next!


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So have you already indulged? You will have to double up on your mileage then, won't you;)


Ive a pkt of choc digestives which regularly get my attention over most things round here ! including work ;)


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custard tarts are my major weaknesses. It is a travesty that clowns throw them at each other, so tasty are they.
There is no chocylatt in the library, and I really want some (got my advent calendar waiting for me at home).
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