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Discussion in 'Adaptive and Disabled Cycling' started by Cal44, 28 Oct 2015.

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    I have in the past seen bikes that have a certain type of brake system that if you only pull on one lever it applies the brakes both front and back simultaneously. Unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember what brand of bike I saw it on or who the makers of the brake system are. Can anyone help at all? My daughter was born with one hand and so I would love her to have this type of system so that she can stop more safely and confidently.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Milkfloat

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    I have never seen such a system and it sounds like it would be very tricky to modulate the two brakes. What about a back-pedal brake for the rear and regular lever for the front?

    @mickle should be able to provide plenty of advice.
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    I've seen photos of a one-armed person doing cyclocross, and of at least two different one-armed triathletes (oh, and a couple of the top para-triathletes have one partial arm but no hand (my apologies, I am sure there's a better way of describing this)). The cyclocrosser/amateur triathletes were on road bikes with all the brakes and gears set up for the one hand. I've no idea what the technical name of such a set-up would be!
    (I also have a friend who was born with a hand but no arm - her fingers grow directly from her shoulder. She has some complex adaptation (that I have to admit I've not actually seen) that enables her to use that hand. I don't know how her gears & brakes are set up, though.)

    EDIT: just re-read the thread and don't think any of that is any use!
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    North Baddesley
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  8. Unless it's necessity I'd feel safer know they were independent.
  9. OP

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    Thank you very much everyone for your quick and very helpful replies! It looks as though this is actually going to be much easier than I thought to sort this out for her on her current bike with one of these products that you have posted links for above!

    She is only 5 at present but soon to be 6 and I just want her to get used to cycling as much as possible and get her confidence up as she finds it difficult to balance just now with one hand steering and braking etc.
  10. Kids bikes can come with rear hub brakes which work by back pedalling if that helps?

    My youngest's first bike came with that by default.
  11. ianrauk

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    Yup, Specialized Hotrock 12 (of which my Little H had) would be very suitable.
  12. Yep the exact same bike.
  13. OP

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    The back pedalling hub brake may be an option, I've never had one of those myself. Does it lock the wheel in to a skid or just slow it down?
  14. Slows it down. It's put on as kids hands aren't as strong as their legs and it keeps hands securely on the handlebars.
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