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I back up and store everything on OneDrive. In particular I store copies of all my photographs.

I would like to share a specific folder with a friend. The folder contains photos. I now how to do the share with a link.

Can I be sure if I share this folder with a link only this folder will be shared? I want to be sure my friend cannot see anything else I store on OneDrive.


Definitely only the shared material can be viewed.

Have you checked your retention policy for one drive?

I only ask as all my unedited stuff goes after a year.


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Yes, it'll be fine. Only issue I've ever had is sharing Word documents ... recipients got them in rather odd formatting, otherwise all fine


@Slick @Fnaar thank you both.

Slick could you explain the "retention policy?" This is new to me.
Might just be a work thing I am no tech wizard, but all my documents disappear or automatically delete after 12 months if I don't go in and edit them.

Don't panic, I do think it is just something specific to my work but as I lost quite a bit of stuff as most of mine is for presentation rather than editing, it's worth mentioning and checking.
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