1. alecstilleyedye

    recording, storing and sharing memories and life stories

    My employer Hippo Digital is looking for participants to participate in a research session exploring their experiences around recording, storing and sharing memories and life stories. The session will involve a 45-minute remote interview involving a short online task. For further...
  2. L

    Sharing discounts

    Not really bike related but as this forum has a lot of captured audience for a wide range of opinions..... so inline perhap with splitting-separate meal bills ?........ If you were to join a "service" in say hospitality or travel or hotels too which you paid a yearly subscription in return for a...
  3. twentysix by twentyfive

    File Sharing

    For some time now I've been unable to open Dropbox from my desktop. I get an error message. I've been fiddling about this evening and eventually found my files on Dropbox via a web based something. How I got there I'm not entirely clear but knowing there is stuff still accessible to me is at...
  4. kingrollo

    Creating a GPX File / Sharing route

    I have created a route based on a previous ride. I used ridewithgps. I exported the fit as FIT and copied into the garmin which was connected via USB. What is the easiest / cheapest way to create a gpx file and share the route ? I have access to free versions of garmin connect and strava ?
  5. Big John

    Digital ultrasonic on if you're a mad keen home mechanic

    I work as a volunteer bike mechanic at a local bike charity. One of the mechanics came in the other day with a marvellous piece of kit, probably within all of our budgets, called a digital ultrasonic cleaner. They're used by laboratories and dentists, I'm told, but they can also be used to deep...
  6. HobbesOnTour

    Sharing info/reviews on our gear......?

    Inspired by @Vantage thread, I was wondering if people would be interested in creating a list of gear we use on our trips so that if someone is researching some gear they can have a look and see that X member uses Y tent. Obviously it would best be done on the fora rather than by private...
  7. MTB2020

    What do you think of: husband and wife sharing single electric MTB. Any comments welcome!

    Sharing a single electric mountain bike:smooch: My husband and I have been thinking about getting a single electric MTB to share between us to save on money and garage space. That way I can ride it with the dropper seat down on our casual family rides in the country (and actually ride the...
  8. PaulSB

    One Drive Sharing

    I back up and store everything on OneDrive. In particular I store copies of all my photographs. I would like to share a specific folder with a friend. The folder contains photos. I now how to do the share with a link. Can I be sure if I share this folder with a link only this folder will be...
  9. randynewmanscat

    The strange business of sharing a bike ride with someone using an electric bike

    Rubbish title but the best I could manage. A friend brought his electric bike over at the end of last summer. There is no cut off for assistance and if I remember correctly the thing has a motor in excess of 400W so it is quite fast. So for the first time in my life I went out on a ride...
  10. Cycleops

    The City that killed bike sharing.

    It appears that the mayor of Dallas has blamed cycle sharing company Ofo for the recycling of thousands of their bikes after demanding a registration fee of $800 and $21 per bike. What hope has bike sharing and green affordable transportation got with idiocy like that...
  11. ianrauk

    Bike sharing scheme in China

    Some amazing pictures of piles of parked, abandoned, dumped, seized and scrapped hire bikes in China Linky
  12. Yellow Fang

    Car sharing?

    Has anyone tried those lift share / car pool schemes? I am going for a job interview in Swindon, but the rail fare from Reading to Swindon is extortionate. I would be handing over all my drinking money disposable income to the Great Western Rip Off. I don't really want to get a car.
  13. LCpl Boiled Egg

    Bike sharing schemes and private property

    Hello all, Does anyone know what rights a bike sharing company has regarding collecting a bike left on private property? An example would be an Ofo bike left in a company's parking area where car access is by swipe card but bike and foot traffic is not restricted. Thanks!
  14. PaulSB

    iTunes Family Sharing

    After a gap of several years I've decided to use iTunes again. Since I last used it my wife has purchased, via iTunes, music I'd like to enjoy. Apple promises me I can use Family Sharing to access my wife's iTunes library. I have iTunes installed on a Windows Surface Pro 4. Apple support says...
  15. TwickenhamCyclist

    AA calls for crackdown on sharing dashcam video New rules may be needed to control the use of video taken by dashboard cameras, the AA has warned. Motorists who persistently share dashcam video could be accused of voyeurism, according to the motoring organisation. It said too many drivers post...
  16. gbb

    Photo sharing website ?

    I'm sick to death of Photobucket, today i'm struggling like heck to log in then it chucks me out almost straight away. Ive had it years, usually its ok but does throw a frustrating wobbly every now and then. Whatcha using ? I'm not a heavy user, mostly use it for inserting photos in threads...
  17. EasyPeez

    Sharing Strava Route via weblink

    Hi, Please forgive my ignorance but is there any way to share a Strava route I have created with people via a simple weblink? Or any other way of posting it in a message on CC without recourse to social media or e-mail? Thanks, Andy
  18. GuyBoden

    Bike shearing scheme?

    Bike sharing or shearing? Thanks to jefmcg for finding this first in her post.
  19. simongt

    Pedestrians & earphones.

    On my way to work this morning, I was travelling along a shared cycle path. Up ahead about sixty metres away, I observed a man walking his dog. I slowed down and rang my bell - an old style type, not a ping bell - several times in plenty of time for him to react safely. No response. So I yelled...
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