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After a gap of several years I've decided to use iTunes again. Since I last used it my wife has purchased, via iTunes, music I'd like to enjoy.

Apple promises me I can use Family Sharing to access my wife's iTunes library. I have iTunes installed on a Windows Surface Pro 4. Apple support says Family Sharing can be used on a PC which has iCloud installed which I do.

Despite this I cannot see anyway to even begin sharing, Apple provides no support and some Google responses suggest it simply can't be done.

Anyone cracked this yet?

Alternatively is there a way I can grab the music my wife has legitimately purchased to listen to myself? We need to run two separate iTunes accounts so I can't just log in pretending to be her.


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Not sure about this so you will need to check, but I think you can only share across Apple devices running Apple iOS


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Thanks for the replies everyone.

I've had a lightbulb moment!! I was moving about 40GB of music from a Windows 7 to Windows 10 via a USB stick. The reason for wanting to get back with iTunes was to allow me to put the music on an old iPod to use via USB in the car.

Then it struck me. Why not put the USB stick directly into the car USB. Bingo all the music is available direct from the stick.
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