One pannier or two?

All uphill

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I'm new to touring and have a dilemma.

I can get everything (just) in one pannier, but would it be better to have two, each half full?

Advice gratefully received.


Everyone will have their own take but for me 1 is okay for commuting but 2 half full would be better for touring.


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Two for sure..

Makes for better balance evens out effect of sidewinds etc.

I usually use four smallish ones, and tent on the back rack.

Load is better balanced.

I rarely take more than 14 kg total

(including food and water and camping kit)
But I like to have it all. evenly distributed.. Plus it makes it easier to find things..


I guess if you've not got camping kit you can take a lot less again.


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Two panniers evenly loaded makes a bike easier to walk along with holding the saddle or stem when necessary. One heavy pannier means the bike always wants to fall away from or towards you and you have to actively hold it upright, which is tedious. Share the weight left/right and the bike is much more pleasant to use.
I'd always go for a pair.


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Always makes me laugh when people worry about balancing with one pannier... unless you can't ride a bicycle without stabilisers, you'll be fine with one heavy pannier.

However, if touring, I'd take two, then there's room for the 4pack of tinnies, some wine and all those irresistible souvenirs.
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