One woman, one dog, one bike, 5000 miles


Sixty-five year old Maggie Scorer has embarked* on a round-Britain cycling challenge:

"Starting in March 2015 from Aldeburgh in Suffolk I will be spending the summer months cycling around the coastline of Great Britain in aid of LLR ( LEUKAEMIA & LYMPHOMA RESEARCH ) and SANDS ( STILLBIRTH & NEONATAL DEATHS ). I will be covering approximately 5000 miles in the company of my faithful companion, Oscar, a 7 year old Golden Retriever who will be travelling in style in his own purpose built trailer. Oscar and I have already sailed halfway around the world so to leave him behind is not an option."

*embarked - see what I did there?
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A nice story. Oscar seems to have enjoyed himself!:smile:


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My dog would not get in my trailer, no way uh huh not gonna happen, front legs at right angles every time I tried then run off and sit in his basket. (his safe place).
I gave up trying in the end. :sad:
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