Orbea Gain motor cable guide - which way round?


A rather specific question for anyone who has an Orbea Gain:
- please can anyone can tell me which way round the motor cable guide is supposed to go?

1. The Orbea guide illustration shows something I don't have, or not quite like that. It guides the cable out of the motor to avoid it getting clamped / protects the cable from the disc/wheel:

I have two secondhand Gains, and they're put together differently.

2. My least messed-about Gain (i.e. only ridden 120 miles by original owner, so potentially as delivered) has a black circular guide with a cable hole, with the 'wide' side outwards, to the frame. It also has a cable tie (maybe to stop the cable falling into the clutches of the disc bolts?).
The view from underneath is:


3. My second Orbea has the 'wide' side of the cable guide on the INSIDE - i.e. the wide part is protecting the cable from the disc.
However, it leaves the cable slightly exposed to getting caught by the frame as you tighten up the wheel.

Which is correct?

Thanks in advance...


The same motor on the Ribbles has the open side of the cable guide facing the dropout, to keep the cable pushed away from the disc rotor. The cable won't, or at least shouldn't, get caught in the frame as the axle is not free to rotate in the dropout - it has flat sides and is a snug fit, otherwise the hub motor wouldn't have anything to push against. Makes it important to ensure the axle is the right way up when refitting the wheel, as it can only go in one of 2 ways (cable side down on the Ribble).

See photo from below, below:


I've always taken the view that to strain the cable through the 90-degree bend so that it snaps into the guide's slot, along with the fact that it's then closer to the rotor, mean it's just fine kissing up against the guide. Certainly that's how it came from the factory. I don't know which is correct, but anything involving a cable tie on a £2k bike seems a bit off to me.:okay:


Ah - thanks Specialeyes.
Looks like you've got the identical piece to the Orbea manual, i.e. no wide bit, but a nice protective channel for the cable.

And you're right, of course - the axle has flats to stop the motor spinning, so I think the thing to avoid is the cable getting anywhere near the spinning disc. I'm tempted to flip mine over so the 'wide' bit is between the cable and the disc.
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