1. TyrannosaurusTreks

    Orbea F20

    After a recent purchase of a specialized Sirrus 6 which gave nothing but problems, I returned it to shop yesterday for full refund. i am now thinking for the same amount of money I could have a 2nd ebike😀. Im not sure I like the look of the Ribble al-e but do like the Orbea f20 & 25, the 25...
  2. youngoldbloke

    Orbea Gain maintenance

    I have just fitted a new chain on my 2018 M30 Gain (Tiagra), having covered over 3100 miles, and I fitted new front disc pads a couple of weeks ago. The rear still have plenty of use left in them. Other than regular cleaning and lubrication (I use Progold Prolink), swapping the tyres soon after...
  3. G3CWI

    Orbea Gain Charge Connector

    If you are looking for one, this is what you need: http://www.cusmade.biz/Product/Detail/48 No idea where you would buy them though.
  4. G3CWI

    Orbea Gain battery management

    Although the Orbea literature that comes with the bike is silent on the matter, it seems that ebikemotion recommend not charging the battery to over 80% or discharging below 20% for maximum battery life. If charge percentage maps across linearly to range (unlikely), that gives a 40% range...
  5. arao99

    Orbea Gain M30 Torque sensor problem ?

    Hi I have been riding my Gain for the last two weeks on holiday in France on their wonderful bike paths . I have not had to use power most of the time but turned it on yesterday to level 1 for some 10% climbs through the forests , the power came in after one revolution straight to full...
  6. G3CWI

    Orbea Gain M21

    Hi all I have an order placed for a medium size. I'm 5 ft 8 inches (173cm). My inside leg is 74cm. I'm seeing some confusing info on Orbea sizing. Ideas?
  7. S

    Back in the saddle - thinking about an Orbea

    Hi Guys, just started riding again having had my Trek Hybrid serviced by my LBS. Used to commute 15 miles a day on it but since moving it has been sat in the garage for a couple years. Have had a few rides this week and realise how much I miss it. Also have lost a stone since Xmas and want to...
  8. 8mph

    Orbea Avant going cheap - but is it too small

    I have a chance to buy an Orbea Avant - Full Carbon - Ultegra Di2 (2017) Only has 40 odd miles on it. I'm 6ft, the frame is a tiny 53cm. The price is ridiculously cheap £500
  9. youngoldbloke

    Orbea Gain IWOC Blue Tooth issue

    The Blue tooth connection takes for ever - if at all, and recently has started disconnecting during a ride. The app is no longer telling me my distance covered and power levels. However when I get home the full activity information has downloaded itself to my laptop - including distance. I can't...
  10. youngoldbloke

    Orbea Gain

    Anyone had a ride on one of these yet? I'm seriously considering an ebike due to medical issues and the possibilty of major surgery. Coming from a club riding, road cycling, road bike background I find most ebikes hideous looking and horrendously heavy. The Gain appears to be relatively light...
  11. Iainj837

    Orbea AVANT H70

    AVANT H70 has anyone any reviews on this bike
  12. kiwifruit

    Orbea thru axle

    Hi, has anyone got an Orbea road bike with disc brakes? I just a bit concern that my new Orbea M20-D disc front thru axle is not flush with the fork. See pic I rang the bike shop where I brought I from and they say is how Orbea does it now. Not convince, so asking anyone out there has the...
  13. M

    Orbea aqua 51cm frame £170

  14. rugbyleaguebiker

    Orbea Aqua 2013. Great condition £250 sold

    2013 Orbea Aqua, tsr. Size 48. Seat tube is 46cm c-c and 48cm c-t. Top tube is 50cm. Excellent condition. upgraded shifters to tiagra 10 speed,has the newest version of Sora chain set and f+r mechs. recently hadnew chain new cassette, new seat and all cables two months ago. Nearly new shimano...
  15. Iainj837

    Orbea hardtail

    Any reviews on the orbea mtb ( hardtail)
  16. Wetdog

    Orbea Onix

    Could some one give me some info on the bike please, I know nowt. Mick
  17. Wetdog

    My mates selling his Orbea

    he wants £1500 for it. It's less than a year old and he's a Cycle Technician, so quality is guaranteed. It's a 54 cm. I don't know if this is allowed, so I'm sorry if it isn't. Mick
  18. rugbyleaguebiker

    Orbea Orca carbon frame size 47cm £1 + postage

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2015-Orbea-Orca-OMR-Carbon-Road-Bike-Frameset-47cm-Black-Ex-display-/201504658150?hash=item2eea9d12e6:g:4RoAAOSwA4dWKJj2 There is the link, must be something amiss there surely? with 74 pound postage and the 1 price is it worth a punt?
  19. broady

    Orbea Asphalt 48 cm Road Bike

    My wife's road bike is up for sale as she doesn't enjoy it. Even tried to rotate the bars to trial different positions as she doesn't ride on the drops ever. There are some marks to the paint work, but it rides quite nice. 2x7 speed. Collection from Countesthorpe, South Leicester. I do have one...
  20. hondated

    Orbea Onix CF 54CM

    Orbea Onix Carbon Fibre 54cm Reduced in price. 105 gearing 50/34 CXP22 Wheels FSA Crank set Being 5' 10" and always brought 54cm framed bikes I have finally decided I need a larger frame so I need to now sell this bike. Its in great condition and is a comfortable ride. If you can I would...
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