Orbea Gain Volabike range extender


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No experience, but I do note the smaller ones seem to be just as expensive as the official Mahle extender, i.e. about £400-500 for around 200Wh.
The larger one (500Wh) looks like better value, and you could probably do day-long rides before charging.
However, the translation to English says they're 'exhausted'. Made me chuckle anyway.
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The older I get, the faster I used to be ...
- at around £380* for 250Wh., that's almost 50Wh. more than the Mahle one and £170 cheaper. I've read that it works differently - in parallel with the main battery rather than being in effect a powerbank. I also think the smaller one looks a lot neater than the Mahle X35 one.

*edit: around £400 with carriage. I don't know if the price they quote includes UK VAT and taxes.
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There's no magic wand here, it's just a spare battery.

What you cannot know is the quality of the cells used to make it.

Given there's very little price difference, I would stick with the Mahle version as giving me the best chance of getting something decent.


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Well, Volabike do say they use top quality cells, LG or Panasonic.
It's not exactly 'cutting edge' technology is it ? Providing there is anecdotal evidence 'out there' of tests and satisfied users I would be happy to purchase. Not that I need an extender at this time.
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