Ortileb Front Roller City


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Have been searching google trying to find some reviews on these panniers, but not with much success.

Has anyone used them here?

As they're ortileb I imagine them to be quality, and at 50 quid for a pair they're quite bargainous

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My friend has those ones I think ... are they the ones where they clip down at the sides... I did find it a bit fiddly doing up her pannier after borrowing something out of them .. but she is probably used to it. They are definitely a reasonable amount smaller than the standard back classic panniers that I have - but she uses them if she is on her folding bike.


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The City Line is about a quarter lighter and a quarter cheaper than the otherwise similar classic front and back rollers. The quality is the same, but the frills are fewer. So the fixing system is the older QL1 instead of the more complex QL2 and they also lack a few straps. Also, they do not have the inner pockets. To be honest, I think they are the most attractive panniers on the market, irrespective of price.
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