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"Ottadini were built by a frame builder called Colin Laing, in Northern England."

(Brief history of Colin laing:
Source - fixotic's Flickr)

"...Colin Laing (as best as I can cobble together) was an apprentice of the Taylor Brothers (Norman, Ken, and Jack Taylor) in the 1950's. Later he had a bike shop in northern England. Bikes were not the only thing in Colin's life though, "My other life involved things I can't speak of due to the 'Official Secrets Act'. Suffice to say I was SAS and the Duke of Kent's body-guard which lead to more extreme service to the Crown."
In 1974 Colin came to the USA at the request of the US government. England's economy was bad in the 70's and there was a bike boom on in the US so he found coming over here ideal. He returned to England for a while in the 80's to have his boys schooled and because Jack was hinting strongly that they might let him take over or run Jack Taylor Cycles. That never panned out but Colin returned to Arizona and continued making bicycles..."

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Interesting chap Mr. Laing with an eye for a good name for bicycle "marketing" . I still find it strange that a Vitus 797 frame finished in white which means it has been painted not anodised would be badged Ottadini but then l suppose someone might have just liked the name !


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Hi, I have an Ottadini, got the frame when I was 15 and still have it (30years), the best frame I have ever ridden. No flex and so responsive. Only ever seen a couple of others, usually track frames and Im sure Brian Smith (TV Commentator) used to TT a Low Profile.
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