Ouch! I fell off.


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I screwed up a corner on my way home last night and came off at around 20mph - the bike just slipped from underneath me.

I seem to be basically okay - my right knee took the brunt of it - I've got a nasty big graze on it but I was able to cycle the rest of the way home and although it's sore the underlying joint seems to work fine. I don't suppose I'll be cycling for a few days, though.

My bike seems okay from it - the only casualty was my blinky LED cateye, which has been basically reduced to a battery casing.

Although the bikecam came off its mount and bounced down the road with me, it kept on recording and is undamaged. It's a great little gadget!

Of course, I've put the footage online :smile:


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Whoopsie!!! How did that happen btw? Looked pretty dry to me.


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Timmy, it does say SLOW in large letters across the road just before where you came off, do you think someone was trying to tell something?:smile:


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I suggest you take that camera to a local shaman and get it exorcised.


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Ooh unlucky mate! Here's a bit of virtual compeed for the road rash. Enjoy picking it!


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domtyler said:
Whoopsie!!! How did that happen btw? Looked pretty dry to me.
Yeah - the road wasn't obviously wet - just a bit damp from rain earlier in the day, and I hadn't really noticed up until then. I also went into the corner a bit faster than usual.

I think I was fairly lucky in that my tracksuit bottoms didn't tear (much) so that the main graze didn't actually contact the road itself, only the inside of my clothing. There's a big patch of rubbed off skin and hair on the inside of them :blush: , but at least I didn't have to pick any grit out of my knee.

Anyway, I had the day off work tomorrow anyway, so I can just hobble around at home :smile:
Oh My God! That is scary! It is scary because it was a crash of course, but even scarier because of the similarity to my incident wearing exactly the same camera

Remember Tim won the camera from me!! :blush:

I too was ok apart from the road rash.

Very very spooky....:smile:

Glad your ok by the way!
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