Ouch my legs :)


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Well finally back on a back, sit on my bum 12 hours a day at work so started to cycle in and about at lunch to get myself back in shape!

Used to cycle to school - few years ago now, and has been a while since I last got on one.

Brought myself a nice carrera last year, got a fair bit of use around the local lakes and routes but have decided to start cycling to and from the other halfs into and out of work. Which involves a lot more road riding so brought myself another carrera! A road bike this time. We're gettin on well at the moment.

Anyway enough rambling, my names Alex and I'm from Kent.




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I had a Carrera TDF as my first road bike in 2008, and it did me a good service. It helped me 'get the bug' and has cost me money ever since. haha.
But it's all been worth it.

Welcome Alex from Kent :welcome:


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Yeh were getting along nicely! Need to rack up a few more miles, but hard around work :smile:


He didn't last long in Saddle same as everything


Lol thank you for the ok lol I'm going in bike Wednesday by the way been busy today I'm looking forward to it :smile:
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