I was right about that saddle
Going up a hill in a forest area, twig goes into front wheel which then wraps into mudguard and I go head over heel onto my face, hands, knees.

Took the bits of remaining mudguard off and now back at base!

My chin looks a bit grazed - the wife will probably kill me anyway so it wont matter.
No 'breakaway clips on it?
I had it happen on my CGR, whilst on a bridleway last Summer, & whilst the 'guard folded, the clips did their jobs, springing loose & letting the stays spring out of the way

Seen here on the (mothballed) 'Preston' (sad, giving it a name. but...)
Componants. Wheels. Vision Team 30. 3.JPG



Breakaway mudguard clips are essential with strong plastic guards such as SKS/ESGE Chromoplastic. Mine have activated twice, saving me from a head over.


I was right about that saddle
My face is starting to go down a bit, was very inflamed. a new lesson learnt today.


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Fair enough


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Because I am scheduled to have an operation next week and I probably should be looking after myself by doing nothing.
That’s what you will be doing after the op

Ice pack on face wrapped in teatowel. Maybe see GP nurse for grit removal
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