Our heritage...

... or maybe, more correctly, https://www.myheritage.com/

After having spoken to quite a few people who've done this, I was curious to find out more.

I paid and applied for the self-test kit and sent the swabs off for analysis.

I was quite surprised: I knew I had German/Jewish ancestry, but that didn't show in the results.

I am.
40.4% English
36.8% Scandinavian
18.8% Italian
4% Finnish

The Scandinavian and Italian results didn't really surprise me, seeing as my mother's father's family came from East Anglia (Vikings and Romans), but the Finnish result did.

I'm not encouraging anyone to pay for this, rather I'm more curious to know if anyone has already done it and is willing to show their results.


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That sounds interesting. How much was it, and do they need to collect any DNA?


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Someone from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and indeed Iceland would never refer to Finland or Iceland as Scandinavia, only people from outside the region would. As @Beebo wrote - "Nordic" is the right term, but not with a Russian context.


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There was a R4 program debunking these a while ago, due to the fact they are comparing your DNA to modern DNA of others which is not what the original DNA would have been from the original settlers in the countries, so basically just another money making scheme with no substance, or something along those lines.


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That sounds interesting. How much was it, and do they need to collect any DNA?
It cost about £60. They sent a 'kit' which contained two 'cotton bud-like' things and two small vials containing a fluid to prevent the buds from drying out. The buds are rubbed around the inside of each cheek, put in said vial and sent off.

I don't share Phaeton's pessimism, but of course it could be a money-making scam, who knows.

My sister, unaware of my results, is curious, too, to be tested. We should have identical results.
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