Outdoor Gyms In London Parks


I read a articule in the Times newspaper on Monday or Tuesday saying that there are now parks in London that have ourdoor fitness gyms which have got Exercise Bikes , Cross Trainers and other keep fit equipment which are free to use by everbody . It did not give the locations of the parks in London

Anybody know the location of these outdoor gyms in London Parks ? or know more on the subject


Dont know about the london ones but we have them on the Bay path in Swansea and they are popular.


I recall seeing one for OAP's in a rather rare piece of daytime tv viewing. Rare for me that is, not rare for daytime tv.


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I have seen them a lot here in France they are quite popular. In Royan which is a seaside place where we go for the beach they have a coastal path with different workout machines overlooking the sea. It's one of the more scenic gyms I have seen!
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