Over a certain age in England? Book your Covid vaccine


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Went for my booster yesterday, today I feel like sh-t.

Pain in the arm, fuzzy head, dry mouth, general lethargy.

Time is now 8.46, I would normally be up and at 'em at six.

Gone back to bed!
For anybody "looking forward" to their booster jab the above symptoms lasted a day, this morning up at six and out into the garage working on my latest project.


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Thought you were younger @Supersuperleeds . Or was the second dose a 'hurry up' less than 12 week job? Running up to the super-prudent delayed Stage 4 no earlier that 19 July.
Second dose was hurry up, I had it 8 weeks after the first.

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Some on here may remember I had Pericarditis which may or may not have been the result of Pfizer Jab 1 on the first occasion and after Pfizer jab 2 on the occasion it re-occurred. I'm much much better now but still taking the tablets to hopefully chase away the very last of the Pericarditis. Consequently you may be able to appreciate why I'm reluctant to do the experiment a third time.

NHS web site says that if one can't have a Pfizer booster then an AZ may be given. However I'm getting lots of "it's impossible" stances from my attempts to pre-arrange an AZ booster. Don't want to turn up and make life difficult for the medics on the day - they are full on aren't they? Or indeed waste time not accepting a Pfizer. But I've been unable to sort this. I've booked an appointment for early Dec and will attend hoping the medics in the front line can sort it. What else can I do?


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However I'm getting lots of "it's impossible" stances from my attempts to pre-arrange an AZ booster. [...] What else can I do?
See if the list of walk-in clinics show any doing both AZ and boosters? However, in the East of England, it looks like only Peterborough and Shefford do, which would be a long trip for those living on the coast.
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