Overshoes for Touring


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Anybody recommend some overshoes for touring type shoes like those below. My road shoe overshoes don't fit due to the tight nature of the fit and 'slimmer', less chunky style.
Not too pricey either would be another factor!!


jay clock

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I have some Altura ones which are made of a non stretchy goretex type material. Not able to see them in a quick search but sure there must be some like them. Much roomier than neoprene ones


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I like the Eager Sport overshoes. Not like anything else, they're made from a waterproof material rather than neoprene. They don't add any warmth. other than blocking the shoes air holes up, they are a lot more waterproof. Useful on tour when you might not have anywhere to dry shoes out. The other touring advantage is they pack small and are light.
Careful you get the right size, I bought mine from Bike Plus, told them which shoes they were for and they're a good fit.
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