Paging Sheffield/Rotherham riders – Sheffs new inner relief road


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Out of curiosity, just prior to Xmas Sheff council announced that the Bus/cycle gate at the bottom of the Wicker was going ‘live’ and that they’d be issuing fines to cars going thro. This was to be done utilising the CCTV prevalent in the area.

Yesterday as I was sat at the lights, I saw 3 vehicles go thro:

A bus
A taxi/PHV (? Ok I guess)
A nondescript white escort van (potential for £60 council funding?)

Seeing as a couple of weeks a go I was chatting to someone who’d been at a bus stop there and said they’d counted 60 vehicles, not legitimate users, going thro….

Do you know of ANYONE who’s been ticketed there?


I've only been down there once and it was well before xmas.
They need a dedicated camera in place if they're serious about catching offending drivers, I think.


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I doubt they've ticketed any significant number or perhaps even a single one. The same has been said about just about every other bus lane they've introduced/modified the last few years and there are cameras on quite a few now. The gates/bus lanes are prioritised in terms of tickets, resources are concentrated on the Hillsborough one and then a pecking order after that.

It's possible with the latest supertesco plans and how even less pleasant it will be to travel in the area in future that they may decide to police it.


I don't know, but i'm not going to try going down there in my van just to test it. A lot of non-authorised vehicles do take the one remaining lane that leads off park square onto exchange place, thinking they'll go down blonk street, but I'm sure a lot then chicken out and turn right down furnival road towards attercliffe.
I've heard the same thing as you, from the radio, whether it's just idle threats or real I don't know.
i know the bit of bridge street that they've reversed the direction of, now leading to the lady's bridge/castlegate/waingate crossroads is rubbish - because it just leads to a barrier! I was thinking when that arrow appeared it was going to provide a nice direct route towards park square, but as it is the crossroads is a dead end, so I have to push across 'cos there's not even a dropped kerb, and then get on the road again at exchange place.

(I dont' know about anybody else's knowledge of the road names round there but I always have to keep looking at google maps when referring to them 'cos i always get them mixed up)
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