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    Hi all
    Any one been on or know much about the paleo diet? Thinking of hitting it and starting the gym aswell as the cycling. It seems you can only eat fish,chicken,eggs,pork,stake,fruit,and veg nuts aswell been googling some info about it and just get the usual pics of people befor and after but can't realy go off them as photoshop is a good think these days!!
  2. I'm doing this myself. I'm in my third week now and I've lost a touch over half a stone, (next weigh in on Sunday). I bought THIS book which I've found very interesting.

    I started THIS thread on the subject of diet, and it was this that put me onto the Paleo diet.

    TBH I'm not doing it religiously, but I'm not being silly either. For instance I've had a jacket potato with my tea tonight, and I might have a pitta bread with a chicken salad for dinner, but I'm not beating myself up over it. What it has done for me is to seriously curb my appetite. I used to eat far too much, but the high protein content I'm having now is keeping things in check, and I don't even feel like I'm 'on a diet'.

    I'm going to get the Paleo Cook Book to give me some more ideas as I tend to get stuck in a rut, even when I'm eating well.

    Good luck with it and keep us informed :thumbsup:
  3. OP
    flying start

    flying start Senior Member

    Hi fella I've just spent the last half hour reading the thread you started, all good just what I needed to read I'm joining the gym this weekend just to be able to use the free weights- swimming pool and a little cardio,as I cycle to work Monday to Friday and weekend are spent in the lakes mountain biking, also do the accasional trail run so cardio isn't to bad! I find my self eating well for weeks then I just get so fed up come home and have just eat junk all night!
    Might have to invest in the book have a good read up on it! Keep up the good work fella, nice one lee!
  4. I know that feeling! I wish i could bottle the way I've been feeling these last few weeks, then drink it when I'm about to go off the rails!

    I really hope that this time is the last time and that I can stick to it. I genuinely feel satisfied with what I'm eating, and I even left some food the other day as I was full and I knew I was, this is alien territory for me but I like it.

    I don't actually ride that much anymore TBH. I've given up commuting for various reasons, but I try and get out for a 30-50 miler at weekends, I play badminton every week, and I do Parkrun on Saturdays which all helps I hope.

    It certainly sounds like activity is not your problem, I got tired just reading all you do!

    Good luck :thumbsup:
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    Nice work on the weight loss Smokeysmoo :thumbsup:

    If it helps and for anyone interested there is a two page PDF document on Joe Friel's website (co author for the paleo diet for athletes) which briefly covers eating around exercise. The book covers it in more depth but the basics are here and there's more than enough to have a play with if you're worried about having enough energy for the longer training stuff. Mark Sissons also has a few basic points about endurance sports. He points out that primal/paleo isn't designed for long training racing as such needs few tweaks, but nothing major, to get the carbs in on the longer stuff. You won't find me eating salmon on a five hour bike ride. This is aimed at big sessions and long races so bear that in mind. As always, have a play and see what works for you.

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    If it helps I have lost a lot of weight with a largely paleo approach and have gone from sticky out fat belly to smaller sticky out belly with abs (?). A lot leaner but I still have a big stomach and innards keeping the tummy out. Looks ridiculous:laugh:.
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