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Pannier Advice and Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by PBancroft, 26 Aug 2007.

  1. PBancroft

    PBancroft Senior Member

    (reposted from BikeRadar - sorry to those who inhabit both forums, I don't mean to spam, just want to get a range of advice)

    I'm riding a GT Avalanche 2.0 on my commute - it's not ideal, but it's what I have. I don't really have the cash or space for anything else at the moment. At present I am carrying everything I can in a Camelbak, though soon I will need to start carrying more with me (term time - I work at a college).

    My commute is about 12 miles, and I figured panniers would do the job. However for the life of me I cannot seem to find any that will fit. The bike isn't full suspension, but I don't see anywhere for the rack to be attached near the hub of the wheel. Most bikes seem to have extra eyelets where bolts could be passed through - this one doesn't.

    Am I being exceptionally stupid here, or would I be better off thinking again? The other alternative would be a Beam rack, though I'm a little nervous about how secure they would be.

    Any tips... and even better, pointers towards good racks?
  2. Tim Bennet.

    Tim Bennet. Entirely Average Member

    S of Kendal
    If you don't have threaded eyes to mount the rack, an alternative method uses 'P' clips secured around the seat stays. They are a bit more fiddly to mount, but do a good job with regular loads on normal roads.

    Try you LBS, Halfords or if all else fails, SJS Cycles (but beware their P&P costs on small items.)
  3. starseven

    starseven Guest

    Unusal not to have fittings, does it have disc brakes?

    Regardless as Tim says you can get some P clips for a rack , they are the sort of thing a LBS may sell you for pennies or if you dont have one local SJS will sell you for pounds:sad:. .

    Those GT's are great bikes by the way , get a rack, slicks and some mudguards you have a perfect commuter or leave it as it is and you have a pretty good one!! Once you get the rack sorted , I personally prefer Ortlieb panniers, thats only because there the ones I have though (front rollers , used on the back), no complaints so far.

    all the best
  4. Dayvo

    Dayvo Just passin' through

    O' slO'
  5. PBancroft

    PBancroft Senior Member

    Thanks for the help everyone.

    Yes, it does have disc brakes. I'll make a trip to the LBS later today or tomorrow and see what they recommend.

    That's probably big enough for all of my needs - until I get around to touring the coast of mainland Britain that is.
  6. andrew_s

    andrew_s Veteran

    Disc brake calipers can get in the way of rack legs.

    If you look like having problems, look at the Old Man Mountain racks.
  7. PBancroft

    PBancroft Senior Member

    That's maybe a bit pricey for me. When I do get around to touring the coast of Britain... or circumnavigating the world... that would probably do fine.
  8. starseven

    starseven Guest

    An extra long M5 bolt and half a dozen washers will often push the rack leg past a disc caliper.;) courtesy of the bodge it and scarper manual.
  9. alfablue

    alfablue New Member

    This Lifeline Disc Rack
    is as far as I know, the cheapest rack suitable for bikes with disk brakes. It's £15.99 from Wiggle. My friend had one on our recent tour and it worked fine, rated to 25kg.
  10. PBancroft

    PBancroft Senior Member

    In the end, I got one of these.

    It seems to work fine. Nicely tightened, it doesn't move up or down at all, but can move from side to side if jolted with a sudden force,but not easily.

    All in all, including the bag, it came to about £50 from my LBS, about the same price as off Wiggle. I can fit most of what I need in there, including fresh shirt and food quite neatly, and the tool drawer is kinda handy, but a bit on the small side.

    For commuting my distance, it's perfect. Thanks for all the advice - if I was going for a longer trip I would certainly invest in something a bit more robust (and a bigger bag and side panniers too).