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I msut say that having done several one week tours in hotels I was keen to try camping. I was almost put off by choosing kit that was not right. Certainly in terms of weight. But it comes at a price. A very light sleeping bag at £200 (PHD) an Exped Downmat at £100. The tent was a bargain at £80. But I love it now.....
Having cycle packed my way across many continents over the last 40 years the one thing I have learnt is that if you buy cheap racks, panniers and tent they will sure let you down, at the most inconvenient time and place.

Currently I have choose of two tents, a Vaude Hogan which I use for winter use as it has proven itself to be able to withstand high winds and erects outer first, and I also use a terra nova laser comp which weights just over one Kg, having replaced the pegs supplied with more substantial ones. for summer and short winter touring.

For racks I currently use old man mountain front and rear, and so far not had any problems with them.

For Panniers I use Altura Orkney 56 Pannier on the rear and Altura Dryline 32 Pannier for use on the front or if I am just using B&B or youth hostel I can use them on the rear
However on hindsight I think I would recommend Ortlieb Back Roller Panniers, as from what I have been told and seen they are truly waterproof.
But for your first adventures, then some of the cheaper tents will do for a few days likewise panniers, however i would recommend that you get good quality racks, as if your rack fails, it can bugger up the trip well good.
I understand that the more you spend the better the quality you will get, and i would love to be able to go out and buy top notch kit but that is'nt an option for me, so i will start with cheaper kit and gradually upgrade things as they wear out or i can afford better quality stuff, and as a newbie to touring i will only be doing some short tours around Devon this year and possibly one somewhere in Norfolk with Jake

My panniers arrived today and im very pleased with them, they look to be sturdy and strong enough to carry the kit i'l be taking but will probably need a liner for total waterproofing

Here they are on the Bike


I'm working on the tent now ;)

Tent isn't bad. The Colemans are fine, quality wise, for basic low-level camping. The Vango Banshee (which from the price you state is the one I guess you looked at as the 500g lighter alternative) is superior but as you say, big jump in price.

EDIT2: (sorry, misread the offer, camping equipment does not extend to tents apparently on the GoOutdoors offer)

Given that my Banshee was purchased for backpacking, I don't see the +500g an issue for cycling - you can easily save weight elsewhere with careful packing (canned food emptied into zip-bags etc) if it is an issue. Shouldn't be, I undertook a tour on a Raleigh Mustang (heavy bike) with no specialist equipment, and enjoyed every minute.

As for cycle camping, I'll be leaving the Banshee at home and taking my Gelert 3-man tunnel with extended porch that cost me £30 a couple of years back (albeit being in the trade it was a manufacturers clearance that I had an offer I couldn't refuse). It's another couple of kilos but it will give me a "garage" for my bike

(edit, didn't see there were 2 pages, guess I was right about the Banshee then!)
Sheffield_Tiger said:
you can easily save weight elsewhere with careful packing (canned food emptied into zip-bags etc)
I think i'l probably be more of a fish & chip/Kebab man ;)

The only food i'l be carrying will be light snacks for the ride ... evening meals will be a pub menu and a cider or 2



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Muddyfox said:
The tent is 2.5 kilos and £39 ... to shave 1/2 a kilo off the weight im looking at spending £79 (which i dont really want to have to do) as i still need to buy other camping equipment

The panniers are only slightly bigger than your average front panniers .. i will be looking to do some 4/5 day tours around Devon to start with and will possibly have to have some of my sons kit on my bike as well but i did'nt think they were excessively large ?

gelert solo shave a kilo off the weight and save a tenner
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