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Ok so we have landed at my first post which I’m pretty nervous about to say the least, not because it’s my first post but because of the mammoth task that I have in front of me.

To start with I’m not a cyclist at all and the only time I get my bike out is 3 weeks before our annual bike ride, the ride itself and that is your lot, this time has to be different though and inspired by Mr Wiggins himself along with celebrate our 50th year as a local none league football club.

The story is that each year we cycle around 90 miles to raise funds for our much beloved local football club that is run purely by volunteers, it’s a huge club in the Midlands that has produced some fantastic players that have gone on to play for England, OK enough about them it’s about us now the 6 riders that have taken up the challenge to cycle from Paris to Nottingham.

I think by the powers of Google I have found a 20 week plan that will get us fit for the ride, well I hope it will get us fit for the ride anyway. What we are looking for is help on the planning of the route itself, we are looking to depart from Paris and making Dieppe in a single ride which should leave us smaller rides on the following days, is this advisable or is this too much on the first run, we are looking at 5 days max.

The subsequent days will be the journey back to the Nottingham from Newhaven which we will plan out once we have the French side dusted, if you have a route that has already been tested or a proposed route we could follow that would be a fantastic help to us, we would like to stay away from the major roads if possible.

If you have any other advice tips or plans we would love to hear them, anything to get us through and meet our goal, also once we release our new site to the public would you mind us linking back to you as a source of advice?

Thanks for now and look forward to your replies, tips and help.



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First of all, what bikes will you be riding? This makes quite a big difference in regards to doing Paris to Dieppe in one day. If you do a good job of getting fit for the ride then Paris to Dieppe is easily possible, but you won't have much time for sightseeing! As far as I know, the ferry departs Dieppe at 18.00, so you will have to get up early that day to make it in time. Assuming you cycle at about 12 mph average (I have no clue how quick you are!) it would take you about 11 hours to cycle non-stop (129 miles), plus at least an hours worth or rest, so you would need to be cycling before 6, probably even earlier!

Take a look at, Donald's done a great job of mapping out a great route that takes you right to the Eiffel Tower - just follow it backwards! It's this route that I got the 129 miles I used earlier from.

Hope this helps a bit!


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Thanks for your reply and link to the route, we are using hybrid bikes which I hope is ok for the ride, it looks as though our first part will take us 2 day which is fine, now I just need to plan the route back to Notts from the coast

Thanks again

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