Park Tools, an appreciation


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A little while back I managed to break the pin on the end of my crank puller (by attempting to remove a Powerspline crank when it was designed for Octalink:blush:) I emailed them asking where I could get the part and they replied asking for my address. Today, a replacement pin arrived:biggrin:
Yes, they are expensive. But they feel quality and it's nice not to have to jump through hoops to get decent after sales service.I didn't have to provide or a receipt or anything.


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Yep, I've had similar experiences with Park. In an ideal world nothing would break, but the next best thing is a company who stands by its products and offers replacement parts.

Whilst we are lavishing praise I'll also nominate Easton, Kona/Paligap and Giro for also being so good about replacement parts.
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