Pashley Roadster 5 speed gear slip

Hello everyone. I’m having a little nightmare with a Pashley Sovereign Roadster 5 speed I’ve bought second hand off Gumtree. It’s over 10 years old but I can’t seem to get the gears set up properly. It either slips in third on the flat and when I adjust the yellow marker around to it’s factory recommended position to fix that it then slips in first when I hit any gradient at all. It’s running Sturmey Archer 5 Speed X-RD5 (W) sa hub with a Yellow Indicator Rod marking. I think Its the SL50 shifter which doesn’t seem to pull back to the detent positions under pressure from the spring in the hub when moving down the gears from 5th to 1st. I do click it in manually of course when riding and I also make sure it’s in when lining up the mark. I put a brand new cable on and am talking about a hub rebuild. Pashley have said that at over 10 years old it’s likely shot. Love the bike and this is spoiling the craic, any recommendations or experience of this? Thanks in advance


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Thanks I’ve already downloaded that pdf sent by Pashley in preparation for a strip and rebuild and am just hoping someone has had this problem and I may be missing something at this stage. I’ve recently heard for example that a new chain might be a likely candidate for a fix and as I don’t know the bikes history I’m ordering one to try. I appreciate your input though.
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