1. TTSS

    Sold - 21.5 Inch Pashley Guv'nor Bike.

    This is a restoration Project or ride as is: 21.5 inch Pashley Guv'nor. Reynolds 531 frame. Brooks B17 Titanium Saddle. (these are now in excess of £200 for anew one !). Brooks Leather grips. Schwalbe Tyres. MKS pedals. 3 speed version, much better than the single speed. Brass bell...
  2. TTSS

    Sold - Pashley Countryman 20" (Small) 8 Speed Alfine.

    A lovely Pashley Countryman in Gloss Burgundy in stunning condition. 12 months old, RRP is £1675. Size is a 20." (Small) Please see the link to their website for geometry details: The Brooks B17 has never been used. Brooks leather...
  3. G

    Pashley Roadster 5 speed gear slip

    Hello everyone. I’m having a little nightmare with a Pashley Sovereign Roadster 5 speed I’ve bought second hand off Gumtree. It’s over 10 years old but I can’t seem to get the gears set up properly. It either slips in third on the flat and when I adjust the yellow marker around to it’s factory...
  4. D

    Pashley Picador tricycle.

    My wife has updated her trike. Her old one is now surplus to requirements. A Pashley Picador. 20" wheels. 3 speed SA gears. Shopping basket. Gel saddle (probably for the ladies) Used and in need of some tlc, but perfectly rideable as is. Ideal for nipping into the village on shopping trips...
  5. Amanda P

    Pashley PDQ

    Mrs Uncle Phil's Pashley PDQ - which once carried her overland to Norway - is up for sale on Ebay:
  6. G

    Pashley PDQ3 Trike Wanted To Test Ride Or Anthrotech Trike

    Hi, has anyone a recumbent Pashley PDQ3 trike or Anthrotech trike? I would really like to test ride either trike or possibly purchase one. Thank you - Guy
  7. ianrauk

    New Pashley

    My partner just bought a lovely second hand Pashley. It's in lovely condition with only 20 odd miles on the clock from new and then hidden away in a garage for the past 5 or 6 years. Comes with a five speed twist shift hub gears. Front hub brake and a lovely Brooks saddle. Its a lively, smooth...
  8. GeekDadZoid

    Birthday Bike - Pashley? Gazelle? Something else?

    With 6 months to go to my 40th I am being asked what I want and want to do etc... Now I'm not into parties or celebrations so I am looking at getting a new bike. I want something that I can ride and enjoy for years to come. I like the Pashley Sovereign Roadster, Pashley Briton, Gazelle Tour...
  9. B

    Pashley mailstar

    I need to refit the rear wheel on my Pashley Mailstar after removal for wheel truing but I have completely forgotten the set up. Anyone got any close up photos which would guide me? (Yes I should have taken some myself!)
  10. C

    Pashley Roadster alternatives?

    Any advice greatly received! I've been looking a while for a used Pashley Roadster but not been much available for my size or within a reasonable distance..... I'd be happy with an equivalent to a Pashley but I don't really know what brands/models to look for.... Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Lanky

    Totally unfair comparison. Pashley PDQ3 Vs Ice Sprint

    I haven't got either trike, but just curious. Apart from God like thighs and a couple of titanium bolts what would you need to blast past a Ice Sprint on a Pashley PDQ3?
  12. Baron von Zach

    Pimp my Guv'nor - Junkman's Pashley Saga

    Any self respected snob owns a Pashley Guv'nor. However, I could not fathom tyres made from cheese, hence I replaced them with stylish slugwalls: Only people in the know will realise that this is no mean feat. 28 x 1 1/2 slugwalls are not exactly what one considers common. But hey, what's...
  13. mickle

    SOLD!! Pashley Penny anyone?

    Daughter never rides it. It's on ebay BIN @ £345
  14. simon.r

    Pashley Roadster Sovereign

    I’m selling my Pashley Roadster Sovereign. This is the 8 speed version, with all the bells and whistles - dynamo front light, Marathon Plus tyres, built in frame lock, rear rack, stand, ding-dong bell etc.. It’s a 24.5” frame, with the double top tube. Pashley recommend this size for those...
  15. Dec66

    Pashley Robin, or similar

    My little 'un has special needs, and has trouble riding a bike. However, we took her over to Dulwich Park the other day, hired her a Pashley Robin with toe clips, and she was in her element. I'm loath to buy her a new one, because at five she's the height of an nine-year-old and therefore on...
  16. Tail End Charlie

    1937 Pashley delivery bike for sale - NOW SOLD

    Pashley delivery bike for sale. Bought by a plumber in 1937 for the apprentice (I can put you in touch with the son-in-law of the plumber). Has the nameplate (not attached in the photos) which has the firm's name on it. Spare set of wheels. It was stripped down and painted by myself last year...
  17. Dirtyhanz

    Pashley mail star

    pashley mail star The bike has been completely rebuilt Professional sandblasted and powdered coated a lovely orange colour it comes with front and rear racks it has a three speed sturmey Archer XRD3 hubs and brakes new bottom bracket new headset new handlebars the duch type with cork grips I...
  18. stearman65

    Pashley Tri 1 Folding Tricycle or Trike

    Finally decide to go conventional folding bike. You may not have seen my add in the for sale section, so for those who can't use conventional bikes, here is the link.
  19. stearman65

    Pashley Tri-1 Folding Tricyce or Trike. Or P/EX Hi Quality Folding Bike

    For Sale PASHLEY TRi 1 FOLDING TRICYCLE or TRIKE Videos of our trike View: View: MAY P/EX HI QUALITY FOLDING BIKE 20” WHEELS> Once a keen cyclist, I bought this to exercise my knees to get them in...
  20. stearman65

    Pashley TR1 Folding Trike Electrification???

    Hi Just wondered if anyone had electrified one of these. Bought one yesterday in standard form. Looking at long term possibility.
  21. 3narf

    Pashley women's bike wanted...

    Got one, ta!
  22. Always Cross

    Pashley Tube rider

    I am just not getting on with this bike. The bike came with no mud guards or chain guard. I fitted a mud guard to the front but the person who had before me cut off the front one so I fitted a race guard. It has Swalbe marathon+ fitted. Sturmey Archer hub brakes front and 5 speed hub brake...
  23. Tail End Charlie

    Pashley delivery bike, what have I taken on ??

    Picked this up yesterday from a friend having a garage clear out. A pre war Pashley delivery bike which is in need of a lot of TLC. It's been in his family from new. I think it's complete, even down to the sign which advertises a plumber. It's my first project like this and my intention is to...
  24. simon.r

    Raleigh 531 frame / On One Pompetamine / Pashley Roadster -eBay links

    I've finally got round to listing the following on eBay: On One Pompetamine frameset: Raleigh 531 frameset: Pashley Roadster bike: I'm happy to answer any...
  25. mrandmrspoves

    Sold:Pashley PDQ Recumbent Bicycle

    PDQ by mrandmrspoves posted 24 Jan 2016 at 10:29I bought this PDQ last year to see if I could manage to ride a recumbent bicycle as well as my recumbent trike. I ride recumbents due to shoulder damage and now accept that for me it is trike or nothing - so the PDQ is for sale...
  26. Mrs M

    Any Pashley owners?

    I have been thinking about a new bike for a while now :wub:. Have a big birthday coming up :eek: but Mr M can't see the point in buying me another road bike. :ninja: I do love my Felt roadie and she's been well looked after so won't let her go. (Pimped and upgraded a wee bit). :bicycle: Can't...
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