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I've had this bike for a number of years now and don't get quite enough use out of it. It's a really ugly bike but a friend got me a hefty discount on it at the time and actually the components were excellent value for money and the geometry of the frame feels good.

The top decal in the photo below is what gets me. It really cringes me out, it's the kind of thing an 8 year old might think looks cool on their bike.

My question is this. If im not fussed about a perfect finish is it feasible to rub down that decal only and then spray just the patch to a Matt black finish (without the need to strip the whole bike back)? Is that a thing? I realise spraying the whole bike properly would achieve a more seamless finish but could I achieve a good enough patching job?


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Have you checked by scraping carefully in a small area to see what's there? My guess would be a layer of matt lacquer over the decal over paint. To remove the decal then return that to its original finish would be tricky; I'd be inclined simply to wrap the tube with vinyl tape or even vinyl sheet to hide the decal. That way, if you ever did decide to sell the bike you could unwrap and the bright decal would help create a good impression.

I haven't checked but I bet you can buy all kinds of vinyl sheet, even fake carbon, for wrapping books and car dashboards and things.
Electrical tape. I have a frame where a fellow was ashamed of having a Miyata 90, so he made a little hipster mustache out of electrical tape and it took quite a bit to remove it. So may wish to wax the frame before applying anything. Or not.
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