Pedestrians fault for road closure

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Not strictly a cycling issue other than cyclists use the same road.
This mornings Lincs Echo :-

"08:00 - 03 August 2007

Motorists face a weekend of traffic misery this week - and it is all pedestrians' fault.

Roadworks have already brought the northbound carriageway of Lincoln's Broadgate to a near standstill and now it's going to be closed completely.

The closure begins at 7pm tonight and lasts until 6am on Monday.

Highways managers say they have to close the road because people have been putting their lives at risk by getting in the way of the works.

Pedestrians have also been spotted walking between moving machinery trying to get across.

So now drivers will have to take long diversions to get around the works and other parts of the city will face further congestion as the traffic moves elsewhere.

The roadworks involve the section of Broadgate from Waterside North to Silver Street which is being totally replaced.

When similar work was done to the southbound section, a contraflow was put in place allowing cars to travel in both directions on one lane.

Bob Sutton, contracts manger for Ringway, the company carrying out the work, said it was too big a risk to keep the northbound carriageway open.

"Last weekend in particular we could have had a fatality on our hands due to the behaviour of some of the pedestrians," he said.

"This closure will remove the additional risk."

Some 'interesting' comments in readers views :rolleyes:


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Not knowing these particular roadworks but going by previous experience of just about every roadworks ever, I presume they had initially set the works up to provide as little disruption as possible for road users and gave absolutely no consideration to pedestrians:angry:. Typically, there would be closures of pavements with no alternatives given, or make pedestrians cross back and forth over the road, or make pedestrians walk in the road or use a very long alternative route. Then those responsible wonder why alternative short cuts through the works are found.


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A few opinions from the citizens of Lincoln :-

What a bloody joke. How dare they blame pedestrians. I walked into town down Monks road last Friday night, got to the lights just outside The jolly brewer and there was a huge big mechanical machine slowly passing digging up the road. There were people waiting in the centre part trying to get across. There was no barriers in place what so ever. The crossing had not been closed and no pedestrian diversion in place and it caused a complete shambles. If anyone would have been hurt or killed it would have been totally down to the responsibilities of the company NOT THE PEDETRIANS WHO INNOCENTLY WANTED TO GET INTO TOWN OR BACK TO THIER HOMES. Further? Its amazing how all these workers are out there working late into the evening for double pay, when I drive past everyday they are either sat drinking tea or stood around in groups scratching their hard hats!!
Brian McCann, Bathurst Street, Lincoln

maybe during the planning (yeah right!) for the roadworks somebody should have considered that not only is this one of Lincolns busiest roads for cars but for pedestrians too and a more adequate system should have been in place for pedestrians too. the whole things appears to be a shambles and poorly organised with no consideration for anyone.
Alister williams, lincoln

As being one of the people who HAS crossed broadgate inbetween the cones, I can only say that this is because it IS quicker than walking to the trafic lights and waiting, as when the trafic is busy you press the button and have to wait at least a few minutes to cross, then you have to wait at the next set off lighs to get across to the other side. thats all well. But then you have to cross a further to roads, just to get back on track on your jurney, in the mornings this has made me late once or twice due to the trafic. Has LCC ever heard of workers on the roads? I wish I could stand around all day and get paid for doing nothing!
Luke Johnson, Florence Street

I am motorist and pedestrian crossing broadgate. I believe they had the intention to close the road in the first place. Are they behind their project work. The pedestrian signs have been haphazzed since day one. Ringways signage as caused this problem and yet again the moterist and pedistrian who pay their wages have to be inconvienenced. A wonderful bit of planning now everyone has to go up Yarborough road which is slow at the best of times. Choose a different contractor next time council officers most of the time there appears to be more men standing around watching one person working then there are doing the job. I wonder if there will be a big bonus payout?
Karen Tracey, Silver Street

Well, we pedestrians face hell every single day of the year thanks to the proliferation of cars! I can't wait to walk along Broadgate without the constant roar of traffic and choking fumes.
S Morrissey, West End, Lincoln

DONT PRINT E-MAIL What is this conspiracy corner? Why on earth would they plan to close the road all along but hide behind an excuse part way through. "Erect barriers that can't be climbed over" How about people followed a simple 2 minute diversion on foot than tried to dodge behind a roller, across a section of dug up road and through all the cones - but of course that would require common sense and they wouldn't be able to blame someone else if they were injured would they! 2 words sum up why they have closed the road - Compensation Culture
Matt, Lincoln

I totally agree with Sally Myles' comments. I would also suggest that LCC contractors should erect barriers that CAN'T be climbed over with a couple of access points along its length. This would be the sensible and less inconvenient solution rather than closing a busy road completely. I too suspect that there is more to this decision than the excuses being given.
Dave Jassie, Outer Circle Drive, Lincoln

Another Health and Safety rule gone over the top! We won't be able to walk the streets soon unaccompanied,in case we fall and sue the councils concerned. When will all this stupidity stop?People have to have responsibility for there own actions !or do they it seems in today's life, not. I give up !!!I intend going into town today will someone hold my hand please?????
Christopher mason, Birchwood

Since when do we close roads 'in case' someone gets hurt? Last week a woman in a car drove at me head-on at a roundabout near Bunkers Hill. I don't know how she missed me. Let's close that too, shall we? The traffic along Broadgate is crawling most of the time, and if people are looking before they cross but not waiting for the red light it is up to them. There HAS been a fatality on the junction by the High Street level crossing before now, but no question of closing that road. No, I put it to you that the Council have had every intention of closing the road from the very start of the works and these excuses are simply that. Excuses. If they were that bothered, they could have paid a crossing attendant to assist for the nine weeks of works. I bet the works are costing enough, another couple of thousand for a Lollipop person would be a drop in the ocean.
Sally Myles, Nightingale Crescent, Lincoln

Excuse me but aren't all motorists also pedestrians at some point during their journey?! I applaud the County Council for taking this stance, what difference does it make if motorists have to queue a few minutes longer
Anon, Lincoln

Mostly not very happy about it!


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Probably the same as usual round here "Why did it take so long to open/clear the road, I was late for work/bingo/pottery class" etc. etc. The Lincoln area is the worst place for road 'accidents' I have ever lived in (in the UK anyway), there's not quite as much outright 'road rage' as a lot of other places but the standards of driving are unbelievable. Long stretches of straight road with good sight-lines, bends that whilst often sharp are well signed (and well known, most 'accidents' involve at least one local driver). The number of cars that seem to go off the road and into the roadside ditches - with no other vehicle being involved is a constant puzzle to me. It's not even as if there are more outright 'speeders' than elsewhere :rolleyes: I don't know why it's like this here, or why. As far as I can see it's one of those mysteries of life that just 'is'.


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And wear helmets
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