Phrases that will surely die out in the next 50 years ?

And parts of Red Rose County(Lancashire).
Ah, interesting. I have problems locating the derivation of these phrases sometimes as I am from lancs but right right on the border, so I had the idea that it had been smuggled over the border*. My grandad used to use the term.
* I believe there have also been some furtive mixed marriages. Some in the past possibly shotgun after a ginnel rendezvous.


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The other good one on a shared desk is to swap the handsets between two phones when they are back to back
Another one that's fun is to take the buttons out and put them back in calculator format, people don't notice the difference until they've had a few wrong numbers.

There was one occasion when we were sat around in the lab discussing the merits of a competitor's radio handset. One of the engineers had it in his hand, just the handset with no plug on the other end of the curly cord. All of a sudden there was a voice:
"Hello?...…...Hello, can anybody hear me? Hello!"
To say that everyone was surprised that an unconnected handset could talk to us would be an understatement, but the guy holding it sheepishly replied anyway:
"Hello, it's the operator here, can you put your phone back, I've got an incoming call and I can't make the phone ring because it's off the hook"
One of the guys had knocked the phone on the desk he was sitting on. ^_^


Our "Duplicator" was a Gestetner, purple ink with an addictive smell :smile:
I've been racking my brians to remember the name

The 'Gestetner' machines, where the top of the range.
They ran on black ink that came in tubes.
Some even had the option of red ink!
My first job, back in 1976 involved producing circulars using one.

The printer with the purple print were 'Bander' machines!
From memory, the ink was acetone (nail varnish remover).


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The printer with the purple print were 'Bander' machines!
Banda spelling I seem to remeber?
The small was definitely quite potent, mostly when cleaning rather than usage though?
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