Phrases that will surely die out in the next 50 years ?


Cracking a solo.
There is a queue you know.

.I think that has already gone out of the window.

You should have seen me in Scarborough this summer.The Scar-Filey bus is once an hour.Closer to it coming more and more people crowded around the shelter.There were four elderly people who looked a bit nervous at the crush,well 6' 4" large build Postman became a blocker at the mouth of the shelter and NOBODY was getting on before these four old souls.It worked and nobody said a word.
It wasn't until I reached the very end of your post that I realised that your opening sentence wasn't referring to the post directly above yours :laugh:

Tin Pot

"You can do this!"
"Like, not even."
"r u ok hun"
Flick of the Elbow

Flick of the Elbow

Wage Slave
West Lothian
My current bedtime book reminded me of the verb 'to Gestetner', a phrase I haven't heard for over 20 years. I remember producing my cycling club's handbook with the aid of such a device, back in the day.


Our "Duplicator" was a Gestetner, purple ink with an addictive smell :smile:


This space available to rent
South Wales
"I'm just going to post a letter"

My adult son called me to ask where on the envelope you put the stamp! Top left, bottom right?

Personally (working for a mailing company) I can tell you that practice isn't dead yet - at least at the business level

One practice very much in decline is the Reader Reply Panel - where you request brochures, by returning adverts in magazines or newspapers.

As a database programmer, this was my bread and butter for many years. These days it's all but dead


'Turn' off the light.
It's been the best part of a century since people 'turned' off oil or gas lamps.

Will 'switch' off the light totally replace it ?
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