Pinarello Dogma 2012 (Chinese)


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My friend is contemplating buying a "Chinese" made Pinarello frame and forks.
Has any reader experience of the above ?
The price direct from the factory is very reasonable .
Possibly too cheap to be any good ?
Are the genuine Pinarello frame and forks made in Italy or China or Taiwan ?
I have no experience of buying Cinese cycle components.
Thank you.
Any reply to the effect of " you get what you pay for" will be considered as an endorsement of the purchase.


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Just buy an un-branded Chinese frame, or you can pick something up cheap from Ribble/Planet X.

Don't buy a 'copy' if you can help it. Most should be safe enough, but unless you really know where it's from. Deng-Fu seem to be one of the main Chinese Suppliers


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I have a Chinese carbon frame and it is fine, I get loads of comments about it, all positive. Not sure I would go for a Dogma copy though, personally I can't see the point, it is like wearing a fake Rolex or pair of Levis, it will cut it at a distance, but on closer inspection they aren't the same and they don't feel the same.

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most of the Chinerello's I have seen are not based on the Dogma but the Prince and sticked up as a Dogma, you can usually tell quite quicky, other than that most people who build them usually use cheaper components to fit within a specific price range. I have never seen a Cinerello with Di2
I know someone who had one from cyclingyong but even on their site they state the frame quality is not the same, they state Pinerello tweak their frames by adding nano-aloys to the carbon, they also state that the frames undergo the same testing as frames designated for europe (EN147810) but do not go as far to say the frames have passed or meet this requirement. The Chinerello's generally use T700 carbon while the official Pinerello uses Torayca 60HM which has largely different characteristics.
They do not ride or feel like Dogma's from my experience and people who know the bikes can spot them a mile off.
Personally I think some nice unbranded framesets come from the far east but im not a fan of the blayant attempt at copies as some are usually pretty poor, they also shout "I really want this bike, but I can not or will not pay the price asked, so I badly faked it"
If your looking to replicate Dogma ownership, you will not.. Imho you would be better off buying one of the better chinese frames like a Dengfu


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Irrational or not, I wouldnt want to ride any unbranded frame bought from a Chinese ebay or online seller. Reason......... you don't really know what you are getting and should something go wrong, it's far too easy for them to disappear and resurface under a new guise.

My Cannondale has a made in China sticker on the bottom bracket, so it could have come from the same factory as generic frames BUT, it also has Cannondale's logo on it and was bought from a UK official Cannondale retailer with brick and mortar stores, so if something goes wrong, there is 2 solid points of contact.


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Wasn't there an incident doing the rounds a couple of years ago, where some tight-fisted, poseur, wannabe numpty bought a Chinarello and the fork steerer or head-tube snapped; the frame was found to be full of newspaper from the antiquated moulding process. Tell your 'friend' not to buy one. and as others have said, buy a Dengfu / Pedalforce / Ribble carbon instead. Or something from Planet X. People race on these at high level. These aren't the toppest of top-notch frames but will be perfectly adequate (and very probably more) for your use.


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Thank you for the replies, that is with the exception of the ignorant abusive oaf brokers.
I suppose "brokers" takes great delight in abusing people he does not know (my friend wishes that to remain so )
Hiding behind an e.mail reply reflects upon the creatures intellect (or lack of it)
Living in a volcano (brokers location ) are you quit sure its not an ..arse hole ?
Should you not be so puerile and pathetic one might under some circumstances feel sorry for you.
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