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Planet X EXO3 @ 10% off

Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by Tin Pot, 2 Jan 2017.

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    Do I pull the trigger?

    Just got the planet today only 10% discount off everything: £1999 down to £1800.

    The EXO3 SRAM Force 11. I'm weighing it up against the Cervelo P2, Dolan Scala, Giant Trinity Advanced.



    I have Athena on my current set up, Campag Bullet 80s, so I believe my wheels swap over without hassle.

    Do I really need it? Mmm no.

    Could I get away with just a new frame? Probably but a lot of fiddling about and time wasted.
  2. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    No it's f'ing fugly. And you're a Cinelli fanboy...
    I've saved you a fortune. I'll let you know where to send my commission ;)
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  3. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah Staff Member

    Barmy in Barming
    Have to agree with Vicky. That bike is vile looking. But hey! What do I know about TT bikes? Nothing I tell's ya.
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  4. simon.r

    simon.r Person

    If you can afford it and want it, go ahead.

    I've just "pulled the trigger" on a 105 groupset from Merlin (also 10% off at the moment) to build up an old steeel frame I have. Can I justify it? No. Do I need to justify it? No.

    Life's too short.
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  5. OP
    Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    Yeah Cinelli last did a TT bike years ago, there is one frame in the world still available from an Italian website, but it's the wrong size, and costs the same as this whole bike.

    I have a vague plan to buy a Dolan Scala which is very similar to the Cinelli WYSIWYG and have it resprayed...but that way madness lies. ;)


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  6. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Dunno why TT bikes have to be so flipping fugly!!
  7. ScottishGeek

    ScottishGeek Veteran

    By whichever one will keep you compliant with the 3cm rule :whistle:
    Last edited: 2 Jan 2017
  8. OP
    Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    A bike can't help it, I just wasn't born that way.
  9. ScottishGeek

    ScottishGeek Veteran

    You buying for triathlon events or time trialling? For the former UCI rules apply and CTT rules apply to the latter.
  10. e-rider

    e-rider crappy member

    South West
    the Dolan looks better than the PX
  11. OP
    Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    Both but primarily Tri.

    PlanetX offer is on again until midnight...

    The Dolan is an old design from 2003 really. But it's more configurable, online anyway.

    I'd rather have Campag, than SRAM/Shim.
  12. screenman

    screenman Legendary Member

    I think the bike looks great.
  13. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    Are Planet x not always on offer ?

    Got a friend selling a Viner RS 4.0 Paid £2500 now wants to sell for a lot less !!!