Planet X v Ribble?


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They both offer full carbon road bikes <£1000. Chinese frames with a choice of components; Planet X seem to only offer SRAM or Campag whilst Ribble Spec Shimano.

I suppose with the frames probably coming out of factories within shouting distance of each other (although the frames look different) the choice will be down to people's experiences with the respective products and customer service departments.

All this is purely hypothetical for me as I can't afford either! Still trying to get my work to adopt CTW. :rolleyes:


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Whichever rides the best.


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I've got a Pro Carbon, the SRAM Rival spec, it is a beast for the money. Easy riding, comfortable but tight and responsive when the power goes down, I've certainly not detected any flex in the frame (and I'm not a racing snake by any stretch of the imagination).

I had no issues with PX at all, the bike was built to the promised time frame and delivered well packaged and damage free. Obviously I went over it checking bolts etc but everything was secure, so it was a case of turn the bars, fit pedals and away I went.

One thing I will say is the geometry surprised me, I'm 6'4" and I'm riding the XL, which is a 56cm frame I believe, the fit is superb, in fact with the stock 100mm stem, the reach is possibly a gnat's too long for me, but not enough to make it uncomfortable or compromise position in any way.

The SRAM kit is crisp and works as well as any Shimano gearing I've had on bikes in the past, I've found I actually prefer the double tap system over the twin paddle systems.

All round, I'm extremely happy with it, it does everything I want it to do and does it in a well behaved way (even with stock tyres and wheels). I can't say anything about the Ribble as I have no experience of it. :smile:


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a lot of people in the club ride ribble and planet x, and, as a bunch of knowledgable folk, i'd take that as a recommendation for both. you tend to see more planet x carbon summer bikes and ribble aluminium winter bikes, but a few of the ribble carbon frames, myself included, are starting to make an appearance…


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I ride a planet X carbon size XXL & love it, very stiff, but comfortable & they do seem to offer them with Ultegra sometimes, just have to wait for the moment. A club mate rides a Ribble carbon & he loves his & would buy another, so probably fair to say their both good bikes? Maybe comes down to price/value & your personal preference :okay:


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I've just put in an order for the Ribble R872 kitted out with 105 5800, so will post back with a verdict once it arrives and I've taken her for a spin!

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I have a Colnago, Ciocc and 2 Ribbles. All are great bikes. In my experience the only thing that wears out are headset and bottom bracket (apart from chains etc.) My commuting bike is 10 years old, cost £500 and is still going strong after 25-30000 miles and it's a ribble. Just my experience that I'm passing on.


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I'd get a Ribble


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You're almost certain to get opinions that are poles apart, based almost exclusively on what that particular individual owns. You can only really compare IF you have/had both bikes...and even then, I suspect quality and ride will be very very similar.
I have the Ribble New Sportive, Veloce, Fulcrum wheels which was circa 1300 quid, and must say, ive never regretted it. Rode alongside a guy on PX lqst year, nice bike, just didnt do it for me visually. .Thats how most people make their choice..on looks, there's not much technically between any bikes within a specific price point.


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Both make some decent bikes for the money.

Personally I have bought loads of stuff (including bikes) from Planet X and have never had an issue.
I had a major falling out with Ribble, I found their after sales support appalling and have never been back - having said that others have reported problems with the service from both companies.....


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Whichever one will take your companies chosen c2w voucher .
Be careful with voucher amount as some companies charge a % on top for C2W vouchers , i know dolan charge 12% last time i looked for halfords.
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