Plans for the weekend?

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I've been told by my boss I can go in to work tomorrow and depending on how successfull I am, I can go in on Sunday.;). (Note:- For can, please read - will)
Better get my finger out then eh?

Anyone doing anything nice?
Ooh ooh pick me!! pick me!! I'm doing something really nice.

Tomorrow I'm driving up to Newcastle with MrsC, my training partner ... and then we pick up flying monkey, dr smut and our friend steve and head up to Sutherland for a week's cycling tour.

We've been planning this for 9 months and I'M SO EXCITED it's going to be really COOL!!!!



Going to the LBS to check out my new bike!!! ;)

Shame it's going to be a few more weeks before I can take it home ... :biggrin:


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South Beds.
Did my shopping today as I had yesterday and today off.
Might do a nice steady 30 miles on the road tomorrow.....or might go for an offroad blast again now I got my new cassette, headset and SID forks. ;) Might pop to Milky Beans to see my mate.


No days off till friday for me:sad:,and im all alone,wife and son done a runner to lanzarote:smile:
Mending Mrs RT's car tomorrow (new exhaust), then possibly taking the bikes and the tent over to the Brecon Beacons for Saturday night with a ride (on the bikes, you mucky minded individuals) on Sunday morning.
My gaffer did offer to let me go in on tomorrow morning to wash all the lorries, but I, er, declined quite forcefully.


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I want to go out on a bike ride as well, but i have a terrible cold and can't breath properly.
Party time round my place, organisation nothing to do with me, Mrs Starseven has it all sorted I just have to drink beer and crack a few jokes .

Sundays ride day followed by fixing a fence.

Monday back to work and oop norht for a few days, brrr better get me flat cap.
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